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First of all, I want to thank all of you who wrote to me concerning the trip to Alaska. Your input is much appreciated and now I will have lots of reading to do, following up on your tips. :)

Tuesday evening, most of the "Cave Crew" went out for dinner together. I do have a few pictures to post for you. One of the things which happens when you do a daily blog with pictures is that friends advise their relatives that they can see pictures of them on our blog. So we get readers logging on to check for pictures of their friends and relatives. I enjoy posting these photos of friends we meet along the way and just wanted to explain why you see them in our blog.

Yesterday I was scheduled to give my first tour of Cameron cave, as an official guide. When the group arrived for the tour, I was delighted to discover that several of the teachers with the school group were long time friends. It probably looked funny to the casual observer to see the work camper-tour guide in the parking lot hugging several ladies. It was such a treat to see Vickie Mitchell, Terri Badamo, and Patty Steincamp. I only regret that I didn't have a camera to take pictures of these wonderful ladies.

Marilyn also accompanied me on this tour which was my first in Cameron cave. It was nice that Marilyn was a "special guest" on my first tour in each of the caves.

I was very busy the remainder of the day as I gave back to back to back tours in Mark Twain cave after lunch.

When evening came I changed into my "comfy clothes" and sat in the recliner until I worked up the energy to go to bed. :) (Well, it seemed that way.)

I want to go back to the response I have had about a trip to Alaska. That is wonderful that so many of you would write offering advice and letting me know about other people making the trip, or who have made the trip before. I know that the idea of a driving trip to Alaska is going to become more real to us as time goes on, thanks in part to you, our readers. Thank you again for helping to keep that dream in front of us.

We had an e-mail this morning from friends who have their home for sale and are traveling in their RV. They will be here in Hannibal for 4 or 5 days, beginning next Monday. Can't wait to see these good people we met in Texas during our winter in the valley.

I have a few pictures to post for you this morning so I had better get to it. Want to have time for coffee with my honey. :)

Can't wait to see what this day will bring......

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