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Wagin was next and that's a town I could spend some time in. Very clean and easy to get around in. With the help of one shop owner, I managed to find the newsagent (a few stores up) who kindly helped me with my request. A magnet of the town icon, the ram. She buggered up with my change by saying $300 instead of $3 and laughed that it was Friday and she needed a drink. Now that's an Aussie chick.

Of course I went out of the town via the Giant Ram. I have to admit, I have known of this ram for a long time but it is the first time I have seen it and I was impressed. Not only is it bloody huge but it's kept clean as is it's surrounds. There is also a bbq area near and an info board.

With plenty of places to stay Wagin is a great spot and I would have liked to have planned my time around a longer stop. I'll have to get back one year for the Woolorama. Not sure what that entails but I bet you there would be some shearing involved. Duh.

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