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Bud dropped by for a photo op.

Marilyn watching the food

My mouth is full

Ed cooking with a campfire behind him

It was on Monday that Marilyn and I decided to cook breakfast outdoors. Our friends were all going to work at the cave while we messed with their brains by filling the air with the aroma of bacon frying, etc.

We had a really delicious meal and then had to get busy doing RV chores, etc. I will post some pictures of the outdoor breakfast for you.

It was yesterday morning that we received the terrible news about our friend, Ron.

I had Ron and Joanne on my mind all day, but gave several tours of Mark Twain cave and one tour of Cameron cave. One lady told me I was the most captivating tour guide she had ever seen. That was a nice compliment.

Last night was a night out for the "cave crew". We all went out to a local restaurant called T.J.'s for dinner. The service was excellent, the onion rings were very good, but the fish was not good and Marilyn's shrimp was not good either. We won't eat there again.

I wish we had gone back to Sawyer's Creek for dinner.

We slept with the A/C running last night. The outdoor temp was ok but the humidity was quite high. This morning the clouds are hiding the sun, but, when you are in a cave all day, it doesn't make much difference. :)

I have some pictures to post for you so I better get busy. Not much to write about this morning.

I do have one question for you, our readers. We are thinking about driving to Alaska in a year or so, and I wonder if you have thoughts on that. One person suggested that we fly to Anchorage and then rent an RV to tour for several weeks, before flying back. If you have experience with a trip to Alaska, please write to let me know about your thoughts on this subject.

OK, that's it for this morning. Can't wait to see what this day has in store...

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