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Hardin, MT Campground




Well the campground here in Hardin, MT left quit a bit to be desired. It was ok since we were only getting a nights rest. It did have a good WIFI connection last night. The lady who ran the campground gave us directions to the Tire Factory in Billings, so we could get the flat fixed. We left early to get the tire fixed. With a little difficulty in finding the place, the tire is fixed for $12.50. Didn't think that was too bad.

We included some pictures from along the road. We saw our first Snow capped mountain.

At an extended nap stop we met the Daily's who also were on their way to Alaska. They are Escapees from New York. They were driving a Hitchhiker 5th wheel with a Gray GMC dually. They are also going to pick up mail in Shelby. Maybe we will see them latter in the trip. We met because I was wearing my Habitat shirt and they had volunteered on an RV Caravan. They said they had had a great time.

It started raining about 30 minutes before we reached Helena. We stopped at Lincoln Drive RV Park for the night. It rained all night. This park is really very nice and would be highly recommended. The only down side is that there was only dial internet access. We failed to take pictures because of the rain. Snow and rain are predicted for tomorrow.

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