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Kraut anyone?

Gluhwein is the Gluh-bomb!!

St. Peters

Baby G and Hunter...late night tapas....

It's 2:15AM and my sister and I just returned home from an evening in Regensburg.

My family and I traveled from Munich to Regensburg today; we arrived and did the typical family thing....argue about directions to the hotel and then unload all our junk. The hotel is's called the Park Hotel Maximillian and it's very old...that's all I got at the moment.

After a great lunch in Regensburg with the 'rents, I came to realize a couple of things about the Germans. 1) They are immaculate. 2) The food is outstanding. Even the most random cafe we walked into had the best service, delicious food, and the cleanest restrooms on the planet. Seriously, it's nothing like I've experienced in the states. The Germans seem to tolerate nothing less than perfection.

After a great lunch, the temperature was dropping quickly. Our solution? Drink plenty of Gluhwein (see photos). Attempts by my mother to view the St. Peter's Cathedral in Regensburg, were veto'd by Ken, Graystoke, and Hunter. Instead we rested for a couple of hours and altered our plans. Mom and Dad returned to the criskindlmarkts....we think... Hunter and Grayson, decided to explore the underworld of this fair town.

At about 8:30PM we ventured to a bar/nightclub called 'do:mus (spelling is correct). We had an absolute blast. The Germans loved us and the Greeks bought us shots. Many Germans took one look at us and assumed we were German. It wasn't until we opened our mouths did they know otherwise. The only snag in the evening occurred when a young, married (and very intoxicated..) German named Marcus, decided to make an inappropriate lunge at my sister. She nor I appreciated this behavior and let Marcus know it in the subtle manner that the Walkers are known for.... Needless to say he didn't give us any more trouble and we left the bar in good spirits. We returned to the Bar Max in our hotel and gobbled up veal and potatoes late night (see picture). All in all, a great evening.

It's time for bed folks, we have a 6:30 walk-up call for Nuremburg.

G'night all!

I have posted the guestbook entires..thanks again!

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