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Yesterday was another one of those absolutely beautiful days. The temp in the morning was in the 50's and in the afternoon it reached 80 degrees. Marilyn and I had a lot to do. She did some laundry here in the campground while I went to town to get some "stuff" to build a support for the sewer hose.

The site we are on (A7) is a great site in many ways. It is large, has a huge concrete patio, has tall trees for a view, is near the front of the campground, which makes it very quiet, and has parking for two vehicles.

However, it does have one drawback. It is slightly elevated toward the rear of the site. That is where the sewer dump is located. At some point in time, a person unknown has backed into or run over the sewer pipe which now extends about 6" above the ground.

The end result of all of this is that the slope from our sewer connection to the sewer dump is very, very little. Without a support of some type to keep the sewer line straight, things seem to not drain properly when we dump the holding tanks.

Yesterday was nearly a disaster! The sewer hose ran from our connection, along the ground for about 17' and then has to raise up to fit inside the pipe which sticks out of the ground. I watched as the sewer line bulged a bit, then some black water began to drip around the connection. That began to alarm me and I could just picture a ruptured sewer hose ala the one in the movie "RV".

When things stopped running, there was still lots of stuff in the sewer line, which refused to run uphill that last 6" or so. The gray water forced most of it out but I still had to disconnect the hose with much water still in it, and keep the trailer end of it raised enough to get the water and "stuff" to run out. It was a crappy job! Pun intended!

Now I have the plastic guttering I purchased, forming a trough, for the sewer hose and I pounded the "dump" connection down into the ground with a large rock. Things appear to be much better, but I will keep you informed, the next time I dump the holding tanks.

I'm sorry for writing about this subject but I did tell you when I began writing a journal, that I would share all of the good and the bad about the full-timing experience.

Now I wish I had taken pictures of the way things looked before and after my modifications. :)

Jennifer drove in to visit with us yesterday afternoon. Her husband, Steve, works nights and so he goes to bed early in the afternoon, to get some sleep. Jennifer likes to let him sleep while she goes to see Mom & Dad. We love having her here. She sort of lights up our day! Jennifer brought our DISH antenna to us, so we will soon have satellite TV again.

In the evening yesterday, after everything was cleaned up, including me, I lit up the charcoal grill and grilled some pork steak for dinner. Marilyn and I sat outdoors with a glass of wine, just enjoying nature and a day off work.

We turned in after 10 PM and left the windows open for a good night of sleep. Now we are up and having a cup of coffee, looking forward to the day. Can't wait to see what adventures are in store for us this day.....

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