Broadening Our Horizons - May 2007 travel blog

Since we are thinking about trading in our trailer for a Class A motor home and John and Mary own a fine one, we spent the morning picking their brains about all the features theirs has and things we should be aware of as we go shopping. Although we are experienced RV'ers, there are many differences between the two types of rigs. At one point when John had Ken try out the emergency brake, we began to coast toward the closed garage door. Behind it, our trailer was parked on the steep drive way. That was exciting! The motor home is much more complex than our current set up. It took John about twenty minutes to explain all the knobs and dials around the driver's seat and the energy management system system was equally complicated After my head was swimming, we reciprocated and Ken gave some computer lessons regarding photo management and storage. By early afternoon we were all mentally exhausted. We shared a final meal on the deck and it was time for us to head out.

This was easier said than done. Our rig has the turning radius of a tanker and while the driveway and pavement around it were extensive, there was no way to get turned around to head back down the mountain John and Mary live on. Fortunately their neighborhood has little traffic and Ken was able to back down the drive and up the next hill through the next intersection, only leaving a few gouges in the flower bed along side the driveway.

The drive to Kentucky was disconcerting. There were two huge accidents; one in our westbound lane and the other eastbound. Being delayed was not the issue. As we drew closer we could see that each one involved a box trailer and the vehicle towing it. This brought back horrible memories for me. I will never forget that July 3 day when I shut down I-70 in Missouri when I jack knifed our rig. We had just filled up with gas and we climbed out the passenger window and ran for our lives as the gas poured out past the propane tanks we carried. Holiday traffic piled up behind us. We were not hurt and the insurance company was more than fair, but my driving remains haunted by this experience. Ken assures me that fifth wheel trailers like the one we have now are far more stable and so far with him driving, that has been the case. The competence of the driver has a lot to do with it.

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