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Babe Lambs

Find the 3 lambs and 5 adults


The Mountain Master





Mule Deer

Mule Deer

Prairie Dog


With a 6:30am CDT start we had a very pleasant drive across Minnesota and South Dakota arriving Wall at 6:00pm MDT. That was a big day with 700 plus miles. We were not done yet, however!

Set up camp at Arrow Campground in Wall, unhitch the trailer, grabbed some snack and set off for the Park. It was really neat to see the Badlands in green instead of the usual brown from prior trips. We practically had the park to our selves. There was no one on the road which really made nice. With the sun setting it was great to take pictures which had more contrast then previous trips. We also find wild life that we had not seen here before. We first discovered 8 sheep in one area. There were three lambs and 5 adults. Then just down the road was the grand master on a mound right next to the road. Then it was on to the mule deer, probably a total of 50. What trip would be complete with out the chirping of the Prairie Dogs? Hopefully you can enjoy some of the beauty from the pictures included today. Fifty miles latter we arrived back to the trailer (9:00 pm MDT) hungry and tired. It was cereal, some computer work and to bed.

We can not keep this pace!!!


From: Evandale, IA

To: Wall, SD

Distance: 715 mi

Travel time: 12hr 30Min


Name: Arrow Campground

Our hookups: Water and 30 Amp

WiFi: Free but quit working about and an hour after we started.

TV Channels: Plenty (ant)

Cost: $21.00/night

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