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Cider Valley Trail

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We have two days of biking the trails around Evansdale. It was a trip of 15 miles on Thursday. On Friday Sue and Matt decided they would ride from Evansdale to Cider Falls. The trip would be 52 miles one way. First was the big decision on which bike Sue was going to ride. The choices were her purple one or Mike blue one. The decision is made it is Mike's bike. They start out and Matt finds he has a flat, so much for the choices.

I have included some pictures from the trail. The trail is a very good paved old railroad grade. There are a number of sticks from and earlier ice storm that have not been cleared yet. I intercepted them at various points along the trail driving the truck. Shortly after the LaPort stop the trail changed to gravel. I was waited at Brandon for them to arrive when a group of elementary school kids showed up. I would guess there was between 75 to 100 including adults. The broke up into three groups and set out going towards Sue and Matt. I was talking with one of the adults (Mr. Nie) and found out he will be working with Matt. His desk will be just two rows over. He works in desktop support.

I'm beginning to worry as there is still no sign of them. I called on the cell phone and everything was ok but the gravel was slowing them down. They finally arrived and rested and snacked for a while. I had found out the rest of the trail was gravel all the way to Cider Falls. Our intrepid bikers decided to continue on. A small way down the trail Sue was going very slow and stopped and ask Matt if here tires were flat or was her breaks dragging. Matt took one look at his mom's face and asked here if she was sure they should continue. They elected to come back to Brandon and called me to pick them up.

Prepared the trailer for an early departure tomorrow.

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