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Day 2 - Descending the pass to the camp

Camp Day 2

Three Lakes after the Pass - Beginning of Day 3

Roof of the World - Day 3

The Big Descent - Day 3

Visiting a Nomad Camp - Day 3

Camp Day 3

The Destination - Samye Monastery

Just a few pics from the last week's trek. Hiked to Hepu village and eventually found a disreputable looking guy and his horse to accompagny me for a three day trek over two 5200m passes, crossing from nomad country into the hot and settled Yarlung Valley, linking two of Tibet's best monasteries. Was great fun, though the camping at 5100m was damned cold. Breakfast was tsampa, a porridge of roasted barley powder and dinner was instant noodles, livened up with some mushrooms, greens and Kelli's famous Italian spice mix. Weather was good and now I'm primed for my second trek in a few days. Then I start wrapping things up here, tying up the billions of loose ends and all the things that have changed completely since I started research 6 weeks ago!

Anyhow, know all is well here and speak to you all soon.


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