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Wild Animal Bridge the Banff Rangers built to help the animals get...

Big Horn Sheep .... on side of the road

Another Big Horn Sheep watching us drive by

Wonderful view we saw along the highway from Banff to Hinton, BC

Great View


Our RV Site in Hinton, BC. We stopped here on our way...

Horse and Colt Jackie wanted to take with us

Notice that MOM stayed between her baby and Jackie

Giant Beaver we saw in Beaver BC... note the US Flag...we are...

This is the start of the famous Alaska Highway ... The Alcan...

Jackie took this picture of Henry resting in Dawson Creek

It's May 15 and SNOW. the day before we were wearing shorts

The drive from Banff National Park through the mountains on our way to Dawson Creek, BC was really fun. We saw three bears, lots of elk, moose, big horn sheep and a bald eagle. One moose walked in front of us and was perfectly silhouetted against the sky but we didn't get to the camera fast enough. We did get a picture of the big horn sheep that was sitting on the road though. And of course, the Canadian Rockies just keep going and going. Awesome!

We spent the night in Hinton, BC that is about half way to Dawson Creek. Next to the park we were lucky to see a mare and her colt. Jackie wanted to take it with us but Henry didn't want any part of that.

On our way to Dawson Creek the next day we stopped in Beaver, BC and took a picture of the world's largest beaver. (We don't know why they have the big beaver, but it was cool anyway.)

Dawson Creek is home of mile "0" of the Alcon highway - - - The Alaska Highway.

This 1528-mile road was engineered and built by the US Army Corps of Engineers and seven regiments (over 11,000) of American engineers. The U.S. and Canadians wanted to be able to protect Alaska and the homelands in case of an invasion. The 1942 project only took 8 months and has been designated as the 16th International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in the world. A real bargain at only $140 million wartime dollars.

We spent a day at the Visitor's Centre and watched an hour long documentary, which went into the details and hardships of building the highway. One interesting thing we learned was if a piece of heavy equipment broke down they just pushed it aside and kept on building the road. The engineers hired over 10,000 civilian construction workers before the highway was completed.

Dawson Creek was a small town of about 600 in March of 1942 and by September it had grown to over 10,000. Today the town is filled with Rv'ers and vacationers on their way to Alaska or the Yukon.

click here for more info about Dawson Creek and the Alcon Highway

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