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What a beautiful morning we had yesterday! After we had our morning coffee and dressed for work, we walked around the campground, looking at the different rigs and possible camp sites we would like. We stopped to visit with a couple of people but soon had to go to work.

We had several tours in the Cameron Cave scheduled so I tagged along with Chris, leading the way with my flashlight, while Chris did the talking. On the second tour, Chris remained in the back as my security blanket, while I gave the tour. He thinks I am ready to be signed off on that Cave so that is scheduled for next Wednesday.

After two tours of Cameron Cave, I did a demo tour with Christy to get official approval to give tours in Mark Twain Cave. I guess now I can begin earning the money they pay me.

I signed out at 4:00 PM and Marilyn was still working so I came home, quickly changed my clothes, and set up the lawn furniture on the patio. Bud dropped over, followed by Don, Chris, then Nancy, Roger and, finally, Marilyn. We all sat around visiting until it began to get chilly and everyone decided it was time to head for home.

Marilyn and I decided to just order pizza for dinner. That was a treat as we haven't had pizza for a long time.

In the evening we read some e-mails from very special people who are friends we left down Texas way, and some others from Canada and Missouri.

We turned in pretty early. We have one more day to work this week and then we will get our chores done and have a few days to enjoy this life style. Still need to get in touch with some friends and relatives who live in the area.

Well, coffee is ready. Can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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