Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

SAFE!!! Good old Harold, had us in fits!

The bishops house, complete with the 3 wise men. Ahem!

Paul sporting the new craze in wrist apparel! (Also with one of...

Claw yer arms to bits but the pain/enjoyment ratio was still heavily...

Who's a pretty boy then!? (Sorry!)

Do these bracelets go with my eyes? ;o)

They look trusting enough but you try and touch em and they...

Not wanting to sound repetitive but RAAAAAA! Went on a neighbours night last night and a subsequent neighbours tour today. The difference being that last night, other than a piss up, we met good old Jellybelly himself, Harold Bishop and Steph and another bloke that only hardcore neighbours fans would know. (I only used to watch it back in the day when Charlene and Scott were getting it on!) Anyway, the night was really good and 'Harold' was really funny - had the crowd in stitches and was a good entertainer. Had a photo done and asked him to say 'Safe!' (In a luton Styley wyley) and he was off like a pure Lutonian "Safe maaaan!" ha ha!

The next part of the neighbours theme had us visiting Pin Oak Court, otherwise known as Ramsay Street! Never felt like such a tourist, standing in front of real peoples houses ogling their front facias! (Thats sounds dodge!) Anyway, had the necessary photo's done to immortalise the moment and sped off to a country park for a bar-b-q. This is where, in my eyes, it got wickid.

We parked up and walked into a picnic area with cupfuls of seeds and within a few seconds we were having little parrots landing on our arms feeding from our hands, it was sooooo cooool! Took SOO many photo's but here's the best of em..

Off to Sydney on the 27th but no doubt I'll have another update by then.

Speak soon,



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