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Something you don't see everyday - bunny agility

A few weeks ago, we were out walking with friends Lakshmi, Amit and baby Anya - well truth be told, Anya wasn't doing much walking. Asleep on the job as she was.

We've seen some interesting sights here in Sweden, but this was certainly a first. We noticed a whole bunch of people out on such a nice day and an agility circuit set up. Excellent I thought - cute dogs doing agility. Then of course, the cogs of the brain started to turn and I realized the jumps looked pretty small - lazy dogs!

But then on closer inspection, it wasn't puppy dogs at all, but bunny rabbits! What's up Doc? Yes, rabbit and hare agility. We took some video footage so you could enjoy this unusual sight too.

You would naturally think bunnies should be good at agility - afterall this course was set up purely for jumping. It seemed however that the way for a furry friend to distinguish itself in this grueling competition was to resist the temptation of a snack on the go. This little fella didn't do so good. Funny stuff - only in Vasteras!

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