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Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day here in Hannibal, but the temperature stayed cool all day. The morning temp was 46 and it got up to 72 in the afternoon.

I stayed busy all day walking and talking. I accompanied Chris on a tour of Cameron Cave early in the morning and then Chris followed me as I gave two more tours of the same cave. I like the Cameron cave because it is pretty much as it was found in 1925. No lights have been installed and we navigate the cave using lanterns and different shaped rocks for landmarks. It is a fun and interesting tour.

I have had a request from a reader to include photos of Cameron cave and I will try to do that. It is difficult to photograph that cave due to the darkness, but I will try to get some shots for you readers. There are some interesting and beautiful rock formations in that cave. It is known to be one of the most complex maze caves in the northern hemisphere, having more than 460 passages. We have to be very careful not to get lost. :)

Marilyn is working in the gift shop and the fudge shop. At this time of year we are swamped with school trips coming through for tours. Yesterday we had more than 600 kids and that keeps things hopping inside. There were constant tours beginning every 15 minutes in Mark Twain Cave and as many as five tours of Cameron Cave.

At the end of the day we are tired and our feet hurt. :)

We have been getting e-mails from friends who are in Branson and in Colorado enjoying the sights and sounds of these vacation places. We find ourselves wishing we were there also. We do have a very nice RV site here in Hannibal. It is a large site with a big, concrete patio. We are talking about having a wiener roast one of these nights.

Roger & Rene asked us to go with them, along with Bud & Nancy, to the casino at LaGrange, MO next Thursday evening. We look forward to that.

When we awoke this morning, the temp outdoors was only 38 degrees. Hey, this is May!

It will reach a perfect temp of 74 today but It remains 52 in the Mark Twain cave and 56 in the Cameron Cave. Temps never change in those places. :)

Well, my honey has coffee ready so I better go. I may take the camera with me today but I doubt if I have time to take pictures. :)

Let's get going and see what this day has in store...

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