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We awoke to a georgeous, cool, sunny day. We had our coffee indoors because the temp outside was only 46 degrees. My day is spent inside a cave where the temp is 52 degrees, so I am ok with cool weather. :)

Marilyn and I are thinking about the work camping idea. We are both negative about it, because of the sudden lack of freedom. We have been plunged back into the real world, dealing with people who have different priorities than we have. We realize that we did this to ourselves and now regret it. We have so many friends that we want to spend time with. Many friends and relatives live in this area and we have seen very few of them. I have wonderful cousins, an aunt & uncle, and many old friends who don't even know we are here yet. We have to make some phone calls and get together with them.

We really look forward to the day when we can get hitched up and be "On the road again".

We are going on a cruise to Alaska in July, I have a class reunion in September, and we are heading west on October 1st. Can't wait!

We still want to get pictures taken of the new friends we have met here, and of the cave, so you can see what is going on.

One of the things which gives us a serious case of "hitch itch" is the fact that we have many friends attending a rally in Branson, MO, this weekend, and we are here in Hannibal working. NOT GOOD!

Well, folks, Marilyn has coffee ready so I better go. Can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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