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Today was the return trip to Evansdale. The highlight of the trip was in central Iowa. There were several windmill farms generating electric. These did not seem that large when viewed from a distance. We saw three trucks transporting a single blade each. The trucks were not standard length. They looked to be half again normal length. Each farm seemed to have at least 25 to 50 windmills each. We kept wondering how much electric each would produce.

We had Godfather's pizza tonight. Godfather's seem to be all over out here. I know it been at least 10 years since we have been to one at home. The pizza was very good with lots left to bring home.


From: Lake Okoboji, IA

To: Evansdale, IA

Distance: 200 mi

Travel time: 4hr


Name: Evansdale Deerwood Park

Our hookups: 30 Amp

WiFi: None detected

GSM service: 4 bar

TV Channels: Plenty (ant)

Cost: $11/night reserved 2 nights

Reservation mode: none

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