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This morning we spent running last minute errands. Finally we left around 1:00 but shortly out of town we discovered we were running short on fuel. Guess what, no stations at most exits and the early ones did not have diesel. With just 30 miles left on the tank we finally found the badly needed fuel and also had lunch.

The drive was directly into a fierce head wind. We kept the speed down to 55 in order to help the fuel mileage. There were lots of hog farms along the way. They have a way of making their presence known!

The road was good and we arrived at Gull Point State Park Campground around 6:00. The lake is beautiful but the wind is high and there are no boats out., only a fisherman once in a while.

On Monday morning we went on a scouting drive around the lakes here. The are is generally referred to by locals as the great lakes of Iowa. I will say this, we found out where the money is Iowa seem to be invested. The homes around the lake were gorgeous and extremely well landscaped. Made for a nice drive but we did not find the biking or hiking trails we were looking for. There were trails on the maps but most had not been completed or were along the roads. Things really don't get started around here until memorial day.

We elected to spend the afternoon around camp taking picture, gathering wood, biking, and generally relaxing. Everyone had a most enjoyable time. Matt made a huge fire which turned out to be our stove for the evening. Tacos were enjoyed by all, followed by those gram cracker, chocolate bar, and toasted marshmallows sandwiches for desert. Not a bad supper.

The lack of activities will have us head back to Evansdale tomorrow. Sure is good to be flexible.


From: Evansdale, IA

To: West Okoboji, IA

Distance: 200 miles

Travel time: 5


Name: Gull Point State Park

Our hookups: 30 Amp

WiFi: None detected

GSM service: 4 bar

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