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Tenboche Monastry, where all climbers go to be blessed before making an...

The morning view of Everest from our room window

Memorial Area for climbers who died climbing Everest

Enjoying a well earnt packet of chocolate digestives


Me at Everest Base Camp

Me and Helen just about have another biscuit at EBC!

Me at 4.30am to see the sunrise on Everest

Sun rising on Everest

We made it, the two Intrepid Yorkshire Explorers made it to Everest Base Camp and we are bolloxed, but it was a dream achieved and worth every minute!! We tried to raise the White Rose flag, but apparently we weren't the first up there. We set of a few days ago now with a set of wet shoes and twisted ankle and looking like we were sponsered by Millets compared to some of the proffesionals. It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done, the altitude was a killer, at times I felt I had lungs the size of a crisp packet, everything was so laboured it was even a struggle to walking had to be really slow, felt like 80, even avoiding walking in the Yak shit was hard! When we actually got to the Base Camp Helen and I just about collapsed. Fortunately they, believe it or not have a bakery there, albeit apparently illegal. So we indulged in some illegal cookies only to be dissapointed to find out out they were just cookies with no illegal substances in them! We both suffered as did most people up there with Altitude sickness, Helen had terrific headaches and I couldn't sleep, which was annoying for Helen as she couldn't stop sleeping. Some of the accomdation has been a bit suspect but the food all the way as been excellent, so we probably haven't lost the weight we were hoping for. There is far too much to tell so will try and catch up later.

The emails arer a bit on the short supply!

Gary Bonnington

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