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The Endless Mountains on Interstate 81

Then East on Interstate 86

The Sisters Watch the Parade

A Typical Parade Entry


We have arrived back at Allegany State Park on the New York - Pennsylvania border. We had reservations here, but forgot to worry about the Labor Day weekend. As a result we had to scramble to find a spot for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

On Friday we stopped in Wilington Connecticut at the Moosehead Campground where we paid an absurd $50 a night for a spot in a field with water and electric. It was a family campground with lots of loud entertainment for the kids. Everyone showed up despite the threat of heavy rain. We spent two nights there and then moved to a campground near Clark Summit, PA that was located about ten miles off the interstate up a couple of narrow dirt roads.

But we made it to our favorite state park. The trip was almost all interstate highway, but was scenic nevertheless (photos). We were greeted here by a search for an escaped convict who has killed a state police officer and wounded two others. Each day, as we have moved between our campsite and Bradford, PA we have gone through police roadblocks as they try to capture the escapee who is named Bucky. To add a little more spice our camphost let us know that two bears have been frequenting the campground recently. Upon arrival I managed to lock us out of the See Ya and had to climb in through the waste basket compartment!

Despite it all, it is great to be back at Allegany with it's beutiful lake and surrounding mountains and to see Sue's sisters in Bradford. Thursday evening there was a big parade in Bradford celebrating 125 years of oil refining. Sue and her sisters, Helen and Liz, were fascinated (photo) by the oil equipment (photo) in the parade.

Every once in awhile we meet an interesting young boy or girl on our travels. In Bradford his name was Michael (photo). He told us all about his family and asked about ours while his grandparents (background of picture) vainly tried to convince him to return to them.

Now it is on to Erie.

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