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There is something about waking up at a campground in a forest. All is quiet except for the birds who sing with the joy of just being alive. No sound other than the birds reaches youe ears. The bed is so comfortable and there is a soft, cool breeze coming in the open window. There is the smell of fresh air, mixed with aroma of the trees, and then the wonderful aroma of smoke from a campfire.

That is the way to wake up in the morning! :)

I will go to work today. By the end of the day I hope to be ready to give tours without help. I have a tendency to wait for everyone to be nearby before I begin the explaination and that takes too much time. The cave passages are narrow and most of the tour is in single file. They tend to lag back taking pictures, etc so I wait. The tour behind me will catch up if I don't keep things moving. I have been told not to worry about the tourists, they will catch up if I start talking. :) We also turn out the lights behind us and that has a tendency to speed them up. :)

Marilyn has a few RV chores to take care of today, like defrosting the fridge, etc.

We have gone over budget eating out so much lately but now things will settle down to a more normal pace. We are earning money while living for free so there is that temptation to ignore the budget a bit. Not good!

Well, that is about the limit of my thought process this morning. Marilyn has coffee ready and it is time to spend some time with my gal.

To all of our friends out there: We'll be here until Oct 1st, so come on down. We would love to see you. Time to see what this day has in store.....

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