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Myrtle Beach is one of our favorite vacation spots. We've been coming here for over 25 years, usually at spring break. In the early spring it was almost too quiet, because the weather is not reliably warm and there were few vacationers. We wanted to see it in May when the weather would be better. That it is, but it's certainly not quiet. It's biker week and we are surrounded by motorcycles. They have a bad reputation; people associate them with the Hell's Angels. But we know that there are many avid cycle riders that are our age and ordinary folks once they take off their black leathers. However, there are mostly Harleys here and they specialize in minimal mufflering. We've exchanged the high volume of the Nascars for rumbling choppers. Some shopping centers have erected tented vendor areas selling everything a chopper fan could want. We saw new ones for sale for only $33,000. RV's with special loading ramps to transport your chopper were quite impressive. Handlebars bedecked with docks for Ipods, Sirius radios, GPS and the occasional drink holder were also for sale. Skimpy clothing with holes in strategic places would enhance the assets of any biker woman. And everywhere we looked, black T shirts with violent looking logos. I am troubled by the fact that we hardly see anyone wearing a helmet. We heard on the news that a biker died in a traffic accident here yesterday.

When we had had enough of biker week, we returned to the haven of our campground. There are bikers there too, of course, but you can't ride a Harley on the beach. As is the case for most campgrounds here, this one is huge with about 1200 sites. It has both an indoor and outdoor pool, game room, store and restaurant. Because it is so big, many folks rent golf carts to travel from one end to another. I was surprised to see cactus blooming enthusiastically along the sand dunes. it seems much too humid for these desert plants here.

The downtown area of Myrtle is tacky, dotted with cheap motels, gift shops selling geegaws made out of sea shells, and greasy spoons. But travel out of the center a bit, and things improve considerably. Myrtle Beach is noted for fine golf courses, and new tonier shopping centers and restaurants. Large dinner theaters are doing great business featuring everything from Cirque du Soleil type acts to Grand Ole Opry. Every time we come here, there are new attractions for tourists. But for me the attraction is and always will be the beach.

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