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The Beginning and The End




We had a warm but pleasant night last night in West Lafayette.

We started the morning by going to a number of garage sales. The big purchases was a cake pan and two place mats for a total of $.75.

This afternoon we attended a reception provided by the College of Technology for the graduates. There we found out that we needed to be at Elliott for Graduation when the doors open in order to get decent seats. The information turned out to be good and we ended up with seats in the first row of the first balcony, pretty good seats. We have two very proud parents and a very happy son.

Today's pictures come from campus. We were able to park the trailer in the same spots and when we first moved Matt to Shreve Hall (The beginning and end). You'll also find pictures of the two residence halls (Hillenbrand and Shreve) in which Matt lived. I've also included a picture of the stage during the ceremony which was very lovely.

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