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community bath in the Genesis Retreat, owned by Lee Christie of Canada....

fish ponds and fire pit area

different angle, fish pond, fire pit and sweat lodge

bench inside the sweatlodge. Just enough room to sit, but not stand

inside new room under construction, has branch system in window

doorway under construction, this is the framwork

second bedroom just bricked in. The first on has moon theme

Georgeous pool, all this packed into an acre of grounds

another shot of pool.

double decker rooms with porches for hammocks.

another shot of two story rooms

inside grass roof building is tub under construction

close up of tile work around handles and the water spout

original rocks in ground reinforced with concrete to hold water for fish...

close up of fish pond

looking from fish pond to the community room/dining area/kitchen

another view of bath tub building

sharing breakfast with the boss

must be too early to talk to me

¨I can handle this whole piece of toast by myself'.

'got anything to drink, that toast was pretty dry'.

'Boy, this is pretty good, how come I don't get this all...

Anything that parrot can do I cantoo, or Toucan

'And besides I have a bigger beak than he does'.

'What's the deal, no toast?'

entrance to bathrooms

two rooms side by side. Mine was on the right side. both...

my room. Bed frame is cement

Ek Balam and Genesis Retreat: Dec 19

The road between Coba and Valladolid was a good highway and it didn't take long to get there. I actually bypassed the city when I took the road to Ek Balam. Here the landscape thinned into scruffy weeds and some short stubby trees. I could see the limestone sub structure of the land protruding through the thin layer of soil. The whole landscape was nothing but a solid shelf of rock all the way to the sea. When I turned on the road marked Ek Balam and went down it for about 5 miles I came to the closed gate to the site. I took the left hand turn, as that was the way to the village of Ek Balam that Genesis Retreat was located. When I arrived at Lee Christies' lovely oasis, it was tucked in behind a ten-foot high block fence. I was greeted by her and shown to my room. The whole acre of her place should be called a Garden of Eden, as it was filled with flowers, pools, gardens that were lush and serene. She had a bathhouse located next to my room. You know the first thing I did was take a shower after 3 days without one. It was luscious. I felt so refreshed after that I had renewed my energy to walk around and look at all the things she built, from the gardens to the guest rooms. The kitchen/great room was located under a Mayan roof and was opened air on the one side facing the inside of the enclosure. She had a friendly parrot and a testy Toucan, not to mention the 4 dogs that lopped on all the couches. I ordered something to eat and sat and talked with her and several of the guests that were staying there until it was time to go to bed.

I had a Mayan massage on one of the days while I was staying there. I envisioned a good looking young Mayan man loaded with muscles and a warm toothy smile. When Lee asked if I was ready for the massage she said she would call him him from the yard work he was doing. I hadn't seen a good looking young man, so I couldn't figure out who it would be. When the man came up to the great room it was a man carrying a machete, about 70 years old and had a big toothless grin. Oh, my, what had I bargained for. He washed his hands and took me to my room. Let me tell you the masssage was not for the faint of heart. He kneaded me and rubbed my skin until I thought it would fall off. His hands were strong for someone his age, well, why shouldn't it be, hacking weeds all day with a big knife. I had my clothes on and one by one he had me remove them until I was down to my sports bra and underwear. He kept whispering to me in Mayan real close to my ear, no clue what he was saying and kept grinning his one tooth smile. I wasn't sure he wasn't thinking about other things, but he kept to the task at hand. In the end I was sore from head to toe as he never used any oil or cream to soothe the skin. As I said it was not for the faint of heart. Don't think I would do another unless the envisioned Mayan was on the mat with me (and had a jar of cream).

More later, Gay

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