Two months in Mexico travel blog

before Tulum is this site. Bigger than they say in the books,...

entrance to Muyil site, near Tulum

sign on desending god, I think it is the corn god.

The classic representations of the decending gods.

more of sign on decending gods

really small door to altar. Only about four feet high

door on other side of temple as small

found these carvings on the side of a wall base down a...

small plants have started to grow over the carvings

it's a shame that some of the other sites don't have wonderful...

just laying around waiting

temple of pelicans

sign for temple

rest of sign

side of temple. It was pretty big, but the steps didn't go...

back of temple fescoes of pelicans are in dark doorway

this is a close as I could get. There are two birds...

some orginial structure on top and rubble rock below with the facing...

To the bat cave, Robin

sign for the pink palace, as the stones are a rosy color

rest of sign for the pink palace

top of palace had this complete room

top of temple was supported by these columns. See window in inner...

room on other side, makes three altogether

another shot of the interior, hand shading the camera

inner rooms to temple are shaded by protective roof

looking down the steps to the temple.

looking back up to the top of the temple

base wall to another partly re constructed temple

more of the temple base

standing at the base wall looking back at the rose temple

path back to the main pelican temple plaza

stoney rocks jutting out of the ground, which makes up most of...

sign for the sacbe road which runs to Tulum

rest of sign

at the end of the sacbe road was the hiking trail to...

in ancient times the road would be covered with a hard packed...

Copal Cabanas, my sand floor cabana on the beach. Whee! the wind...

on the beach in front of the cabana was some stacked stones...

other side of rock with the stacked stones. Really cute

close up of stone stacks, the sea was angry and blew hard...

found lots of sea sponges and sea ferns washed up on shore

sunrise starts at 5:30 am

15 minutes later

looking down the beach to the left about the same time

ten more minutes

ten more minutes

it's getting better

Ansel Adams should be so lucky to get this shot

reflection starting to show up nicely

triple sun

it's a soltice shot of the sun and the monument to the...

soltice over the right side, just a matter of where you stand

Gotta love it, the rising dawn of a new day

footprints on the beach

foot prints, egad, it must be another being on this deserted island....

night crab started to run for cover

the bird said, 'wait for me little crab.' But the crab ran...

and he ran and ran and hid under a rock, leaving the...

beach junk, some human, some washed up by the sea

the shoreline

the real shoreline.

more of the real shore line, without the imported sand

the shoreline

more of the same rocks and sea

swinging bed on the beach in front of the cabanas

the pool, the beach, the sun, the sand, ah! give me a...

my cabana was behind the blue hammock. all sand beach and floor

looking at beach from cabana area

island paradise dispite the sand face rub and sand up your crack.

looking over the edge of the cabana level to about 15 feet...

Muyil then on to Tulum and the beach cabana:

I wanted to see the small site of Muyil I read about in the tour book. It said it only had a couple of towers from one temple that was left of the site. When I arrived a small sign by a parking lot marked the place. There was no one at the caretakers' booth. The gate was open and several people were coming and going. Ok, I went in. I looked at the temple shown in the tour book and was surprised to find the site extended further back past a huge open square. I found another temple that had been recently reconstructed called the temple of the pelicans. There were birds in a large niche in the back of the temple. There were no stairs to get to it so I tried for a zoom shot from the ground. I walked down another path and found several other buildings and temples including the rose palace. The path also included caves under the outcroppings of rocks. The last part I walked was on a sacbe road for a mile or so until it came to a sign that showed a nature trail to the lagoon. That was more than I wanted to do so I made my way back and found a trail on one side of the pelican temple that lead past a well. I walked that for a while and found some stones with glyphs on them. This place shows a lot of potential just by the stones that were peaking out from under the soil.

I made it to Tulum and looked for a place to eat. I tried a restaurant on the main street. It was an open-air patio type. The man that owned the place stopped me on the sidewalk and spoke enough English to try and sell me a timeshare. I told him all I wanted was something to eat. He escorted me to a table where I looked over the menu. There were a couple of cooks grilling some fajitas. Well, maybe that would be ok to order. Wrong. The meat was grizzly and hard because they didn't trim off the edges. I ate what I could, which was not much as I couldn't chew it. I did, however, enjoy the bowl of pickled carrots that was served with dinner and the guacamole. I had to check into Cabanas Copal so I drove the last mile down the side road to the beachfront.

Cabanas Copal was a beachfront resort with primitive Mayan houses located right on the beach. Each cabana had a sand floor with a suspended bed covered with mosquito netting. There was no electricity, only candles. I only took out what I needed from the car, as I didn't want any extra sand filtering through my stuff. I settled in as best as I could, which took 5 minutes. I took the advantage to walk the beach. The weather had turned a little stormy ever since I left Chetumal and even though the sky only had a few clouds, the sea was really rough with a stiff wind blowing. I found the stone sculpture someone built on the rocks along the beach. It was really adorable. I couldn't figure out how the stones stayed balanced with the wind blowing. I walked up the other way toward the site of Tulum, I couldn't see it, but it was about 2 miles away. The whole beach area was devoted to beach resorts and if you didn't have a room, you couldn't walk through to the beach. I found all sorts of sea sponges, mineralized sea ferns, some branches of sea plants and general unrecognizable stuff that washes up on shore. I knew I was only a week away from the winter solstice, but that didn't matter for the pictures I planned to take in the morning. I was going to get up before sunrise and be waiting for the winter sunrise over the beach.

With that plan in mind I walked up to the restaurant and had a couple of margaritas. This time they were served, as they would be in the US, with a long stemmed martini glass including the salt on the rim. I took the second one back to the beach cabana and lit the candles until I finished the drink. I couldn't see the sea with the candle on so I put it out. There wasn't much light and that mood lasted about 10 minutes. I put my clothes and towel in the bed with me and crawled under the netting to one of the hardest beds of all. I knew from the brochure that was in the room, that crabs and other night creatures crawled under the door and would scurry around inside the cabana. Well, that would never do if I were to need to get up in the middle of the night. I moved the chair close to the end of the bed to use as a ladder. When the night call came I crawled out onto the chair and leaned way over the back know the rest. Sure enough in the morning I found many crab tracks all over the sand. Another night without much sleep as the sea roared so loud from the stormy conditions it sounded as if I were laying right on the beach and not a hundred feet away up on a knoll. It didn't take much to be down on the beach before the sun rose. It was a magical time and I delighted in the pictures I took. They speak much louder than the words I could conjure up. I was also inspired to write a couple more verses. I even waited for the next person to come along in order to take the footprint pictures. He never knew what I was doing.

After I was done with the sunrise picture shoot I retired to take a shower. Well, there was no hot water. In fact, hardly even a dribble came out of the showerhead. Bummer. I gave up on that plan and washed in the sink instead. I did spend some time having a nice breakfast at the restaurant with the open-air patio with a huge Mayan thatched roof. The staff was very friendly and polite and even though I had sand everywhere and the sea was too loud, I enjoyed my stay. I made my last passage down to the beach and gathered as many of the sponges, ferns and other shells and coral pieces I could carry in my foam cooler. I carried that all the way home without being crushed. More later, love you all Gay.

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