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Antony at Mondays party

Jean Pierre n his bag of presents wit me n Sam n...

Jingle bells, ?, Christian, me Ricardo, Jhoel, Abel, Walter, Luis

With ma jingle bells boys

The jingle bells chorus, a riot!

Miguel, Moises, Bruno playing in their dorm

Night oot, me n Rachel

Me n Marie Ester

Julie gettin 5 balls hurled at her from the empty swimming pool

Have I mentioned before how cute she is!?!?

Wilson in the arcade

With Wilson after the night out

Wilson, Michael, Hector, Diego and Luis

This week started all upside down, the classes we thought were supposed to be on, werent, the kids had loads of stuff on, so we were at a bit of a loss, so relented to cleaning and repairing the lab after last weeks destructive parties!

The kids had a show in the afternoon that we went to, it was a bit long winded like everything Peruvian, but we got the whole story of Zorro, the guy who helped the poor, and it culminated in all the kids getting a bag of xmas presents. The kids got juice, crisps during it all, they loved it, it was really nice to be there, they werent allowed to open the presents until xmas but it didnt stop them peeking thru the plastic guessing what everything was! During the show, one of the kids Jhoel came to me, and really cuddled me and held onto me during the whole show, so many kids just want a bit affection, its so hard to be there for everybody, and noticing all the time who needs that wee bit affection.

After the party, one of the kids dads introduced himself to me, he had a broken arm, started explaining about his family, 4 kids 2 in the puericultorio, 2 outside, then explained how he couldnt work, got round to asking me if I could buy something as a christmas present for his 15 year old son. I was a bit taken aback and told him Id think about it, dont want to seem like Im a charity, then after thinking about it, how much must it have taken him to ask me for a present for his son, a 60 year old man with a lot of pride.. I went to the supermarket and bought a t shirt which cost me S/20, just over 3GBP. None of us can comprehend this type of poverty, this man couldnt afford to spend that on a xmas present for his son. The kids in the puericultorio receive presents from various sources we have discovered this week, but in relation to kids at home its still not a lot.

During the official closure ceremony on Tuesday we had been asked to sing jingle bells with a chorus of kids, so we had been practicing last week, then bought lots of xmas hats to wear during the singing. They werent too bad, a bit nervous, but they got the chorus great, and they still look to sing it casually walking about the puerucultorio, we have to do spanish phonetics for them, its the funniest thing- laughing all the way, turns into lofen ol de weh.....

We also had to give out diplomas for the best 3 kids in each grade, one of the girls wasnt allowed to get hers as I found out she had stole lollies from the English lab the day before!

Tuesday night we met the volunteers who had been working down in Paracas, a nature reserve near Nazca, their life sounded a bit less interesting than ours! Lights out by 7 when the sungoes down, then its reading by a paraffin lamp!

Sure they were jealous of our life with the kids ;)

Wednesday we was surfing first thing, another bad sea day, he was teaching us how to get up on our feet, like thats ever gonna happen, the current was so strong, took forever to get out then was zipped back in again by bad waves, no success stories of real surfing yet on this day Im afraid.

Then , it was xmas shopping for the kids, we went to the huge market in Central Lima opposite the football stadium, with cards, money, stuffed into my shoes, the shopping began. Could not believe how cheap things were, got Miguel n Freddy really cool caps for S/20 each, Walter a Boca juniors strip for S/18, Christian shoes for S/35, Luis an outfit S/40, Renzo and Abel cool Billabong shorts S/25 each, Jhoel and Mario funky Billabong t shirts S/25, 5 sets sunglasses S/50, Marie Ester the cutest outfit S/30, Juan Carlos, surfer shorts n t shirt for S/40,the list goes on......

We were told to get as much as possible into my bag by various shopkeepers as it would be safer there, its not the best place to be, esp at this time of year!

We survived that and went back for our last encuentro de hermanos, It was the cutest afternoon, as always!!! Marie Ester was on top form, and wee Jefferson n Juan Carlos, so so cute. Jefferson has no second name as he was left at the gate so he is known as Jefferson no name!

Wednesday night we took out Wilson and the others as a cheerio, we went to the arcade as requested by them, and they loved it, it was good spending time with them like that. And they are mature enough that you can have a laugh with them about stuff!

Dinner at KFC then Dunkin Donuts and it was nearly 8pm, 1 hr after their time slot, oopppss!!

They were really chuft so were we!!! So sad at the thought of them all going tomoro....

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