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the war isn't over yet

Since the time trials and qualifying runs for tonight's race have already been completed, there is nothing going on at the track today. It has been fun getting to meet the other RV'ers who came here for this rally. They are from literally all over the country or in many cases from nowhere in particular since they RV full time. As we continue to ponder a future RV purchase, fellow campers are eager to have us in to admire theirs and tell us why their choice is the best. The mind boggles.

Otherwise, there isn't a lot going on here until tonight. Many folks have brought serious cookers, smokers and grills and are spending the day getting their meat into a state of perfection. Others, are just sitting around drinking beer. Feeling restless, we decided to head to town for lunch before the traffic gets bogged down. the Chamber of Commerce gave us a brochure listing Darlington highlights, such as they are, so we chose to dine at Po-Boys Fish & Oysters. When we travel I hate to eat at franchise restaurants, because once you're inside, you might as well be at home. Po-Boys was most certainly not an Illinois restaurant. The walls were festooned with taxidermied animals and the tables were covered with oil cloth. However, the sea food selection was vast and cheap and on our table in no time. Ken had some large fish pieces and asked the waitress for a knife. Her response, "We ain't got no knives here." It was a pick the fish up with your fingers and lick them at the end kind of place.

We spent the rest of the day waiting for the evening race to begin. The day was sunny and hot until about an hour before race time. Then the clouds rolled in, thunder and lightening and torrents of rain began. NASCAR officials waited for a while, but about an hour after the race should have begun, they canceled the race which will be run tomorrow afternoon instead. As soon as they cancelled the rain stopped, but it was still very wet and it clearly was the right decision. So we stood around watching the traffic try to leave. We all are disappointed, but we have had a fun experience soaking in the NASCAR atmosphere.

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