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Yesterday was a beautiful day. Marilyn and I began our day early with our morning coffee. We then took a walk around the campground to see the different RV's. No matter that we living the dream as full-timers and have a 5th wheel and truck that we are very happy with, we still like to see other rigs, and how they are set up, etc. :)

We finally had to get ready for a day at Mark Twain Cave.

Marilyn was going in for the first time, while I continue to learn. I showed Marilyn how to use the time card machine and then she became busy learning to run the cash register, etc in the gift shop.

We were very busy all day and I barely had time to speak with Marilyn to ask how goes it. I am in the cave most of the time, as the school groups arrive in great numbers. There are seven or so guides on duty at once and all stay very busy. Poor Chris has a sore throat and yet gives as many as five or six tours a day. Each tour lasts about one hour, sometimes a bit longer.

I worked with Roger, another work camper, yesterday. He is good and I continue to pick up several different ideas from each guide I work with.

When the day was ended, Marilyn and I were both tired, so we decided to have dinner at Sawyers Creek across the highway from the campground. We walked over there even though both of us were laughing about how much our feet hurt, after being on our feet all day.

As we approached the highway, we stopped to wait for an oncoming car, then noticed it had the turn signals on and was slowing to turn in at the campground. I casually waved at the driver as a way of saying thanks for using the turn signal, etc, and we continued across the road. Marilyn noticed that the people in the car were waving at us, but we were oblivious to that and went on to the restaurant. As we were eating our salad, two old friends approached our table. It was the people who were in the car as we crossed the road. They had been to see us at the campground and noticed that we were on our way to Sawyers Creek. They toured the campground for fun and then came over to find us. They had looked all around the shops and outdoor activities, seeking us out, and finally decided that we must be in the restaurant.

They had eaten dinner before coming to the campground, so they stood and visited until our dinner arrived. It was good to see them again.

We walked our stuffed tummies back across the road after dinner, and settled in for a relaxing evening. It didn't last long for we were both worn out and were in bed shortly after nine PM.

Marilyn offered to work on Saturday even though she wasn't scheduled for that day. So tomorrow, I am on my own with a day off. Can't wait to see what the new day will bring......

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