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Copperhead guest

Jennifer (Isn't her smile just great!)

This began as a beautiful day. Marilyn and I had our coffee and then I was off to work. I actually have to walk to work about 200 ft, to the back door of the gift shop. It doesn't get any easier than that.

We immediately began with tours. Groups of school kids are coming through on their school trips and there were as many as five busses in the parking lot at one time.

I am still learning so I tagged along on tours given by Chris. Don, the other newbie, also went along. During the day, Don and I both gave a bit of the tour, talking and telling the story associated with the cave. Don is more familiar with the Mark Twain cave than I and he is able to do more of the tour. He also knows where all the light switches are located. I still miss some of the switches and am able to give less of the story, but I am more familiar with the Cameron cave than Don. Each of us has our nitche, I think.

The powers that be must believe that we are going to succeed as guides because they gave us a shirt and a jacket yesterday. :)

Jennifer came in to have lunch with us and we enjoyed a short visit before I had to go back to join more tours. It is always good to see her. :)

When I returned to the RV in the evening, Marilyn began to prepare dinner and I decided to go on-line to pay a bill from an insurance company. I need to get that one on our auto-pay program. :)

Just as I was trying to get the bill paid, the phone rang and it was our good friends, Gilbert and Louise, from Canada.

Gilbert was telling me about the new 5th wheel they just purchased. A Doubletree Select Suites. I was very interested but my attention was distracted when Marilyn pointed out the open door and said "Copperhead!"

I walked to the door with the phone at my ear and, sure enough, there was a 3 to 4 ft long copperhead snake just at the bottom of our entry. He was just politely sunning himself on the rocks beside our patio rug.

Marilyn saw Susie, who manages things at the cave, and yelled at her while I said goodbye to my friend and logged off the computer. I then went outside and helped Susie to dispose of the uninvited guest.

Marilyn and I settled down with dinner and a glass of wine, then decided to change into comfort clothes for the evening. As we undressed in the bedroom, Marilyn said "There's a tick!"

Sure enough, there was a tick crawling across the bedspread. We picked him up and deposited him in a safe place where he will not bother us.

I don't want this journal entry to discourage anyone from living the RV lifestyle.

We live in RV resorts most of the time, but sometimes like to live in campgrounds in the wilderness. At those times we have to realize that we are living in the home of critters. The fact that they sometimes come by to visit should not surprise us.

We simply have to be alert and be careful, paying attention to our surroundings.

Enjoying nature is part of the adventure and much of the joy in life.

We continue to be surrounded by beautiful birds and sure enjoy them.

I had better get a couple of pictures posted for you. Hope your day is great!

Today is Gina's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gina!

She is the beautiful young lady we met in San Antonio. She sends e-mails and stays in touch with e-mail hugs. :)

Well, it is time to get going. Can't wait to see what this day has in store......

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