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No Relation

Tractors Everywhere on the Roadway

Black-faced Sheep

We stopped at several towns; checking emails, looking at local sights-one town advertised itself as having sites of "One thousand Years of History."

Two beautiful flowers were out-a purple one we thought might be heather, though they seemed the shrubs were too big, and a purple bell, that looked like the mountain bell of the Porongorups.

Everywhere you drive there are tractors on the roads. They seem to use them as we use four wheel drives-for heavier work. They take them into town, driving at the same pace as the slower cars. Some dragged farm machinery, but others had horse floats and trailers.

It was not unusual for all the traffic to be stopped in the main street, while people had a bit of a chat; or delivery trucks carried out their work; we even had to detour round a zimmer frame in the middle of one road, as the family unloaded grandma.

There was a big truck accident on the M7 on the way at about four pm. It seemed to have rolled onto its side, and we had a crazy detour to get back onto the Motorway. The roads are being improved with great machines funded by the EU. A local campaign is aimed at keeping the new M3 away from Trim and the Hill of Tara.

In the fields and towns around Kildare excitement was building for the races on Saturday morning. One B and B owner explained everything in the area was full, for the races and the Communions and Confirmations. People celebrate the latter with huge family get togethers, with friends and extended families from all over Ireland coming to help the family celebrate their special occasion.

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