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Spruce Tree House

Jean emerging

Balcony House

The ladder climb

Jean going into tunnel

John coming out

Great view

Thursday May 10 2007

Left Durango and headed to Mesa Verde which was a short run, a little over 50 miles which we will retrace tomorrow morning as we head for Dinosaur National Park. Once again, changing our route as we go. The weather was perfect, short sleeve temp, and sunny. A far cry from last fall when we were in a sleet and snow storm. I think you will get a sense of the park from the pictures. The highlight of the day was a ranger led tour through Balcony House. We had a great ranger who was a retired school teacher from Alaska. He was funny, but extremely knowledgeable about the history of the Anasazi Indians.

We had to climb a 32 ft. wood ladder, several 5 and 10 ft. ladders, crawl through tunnels and pull ourselves up toe hold steps in the stone. You will get some sense of the challenge from the pictures, especially of Jean entering one of the tunnels and my exiting. The Anasazi were small people, so we were at a bit of a disadvantage. As with yesterdays train ride, Mesa Verde is a must see if you ever come this way.

Being around that much Indian history must have had an affect on Jean, when we got back to our RV, she let me fix a drink and then scalped me. In other words, she gave me a real buzz hair cut. I will have to wear a cap or risk a sun burned skull. I knew I was in trouble when she didn't volunteer a mirror to check out the new do, and declared that everyone would know I got a cheap hair cut. Oh well, it will grow out in a month or two.

This may be our last update for a while, we are heading into some pretty remote parts of Colorado. Keep watching for our next update.

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