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Silver Crown cars practice

The teeming hordes don't arrive til the weekend, so we spent the morning visiting the unsanctioned vendors. It was nice shopping in an area without temptations since as NASCAR nincompoops there was nothing that we wanted. From past experiences at other such events, we know that the unsanctioned vendors have much cheaper prices than the ones inside the gates. We did buy seat cushions as recommended, although god knows I have plenty of seat cushion already built in! We also walked by the tent area near us. It is well equipped with porta potties and even has portable showers - only $5 a pop.

Then we attended the practice session of the cars racing in the Silver Crown tonight. Even though we camped 200 yards from the stadium, there was no doubt in our minds when that started - the noise rivaled many freight trains we have enjoyed camping near. We put in our ear plugs and strolled over to try to take a few photos before the crowds get in our way. The cars went by so fast, I took some great photos of the chain link fence with the cars long gone. The drivers in these cars are very much exposed to the elements - like racing on lawn mowers with engines on steroids.

The infield was full of RV's who had moved from the staging area near us to this hallowed ground inside. We could see that some of them could plug in to electricity which we cannot, but being so close could get on my nerves. Wonder what they are paying for that?

In the evening we attended the Silver Crown race. NASCAR spectators appear not to have gotten the surgeon general's warnings about smoking. We felt like we were sitting in the middle of a camp fire. The drivers looked like a terrorist group with their head wrapped in fire retardant material and goggles hiding their eyes. The white track walls were smeared with black from the tires that came too close making the turn. Three of the cars had mechanical difficulties that required the attention from their pit crews. While they were being repaired, the other cars drove more slowly under the yellow flag. One of the cars could not be resurrected; the green flag was waved and they were off once again. The race was fifty laps and only took two hours to come to an exciting conclusion with three cars jockeying for position until the very end.

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