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Some of the left over snow in the parking lot at WalMart...

Head 'em up - Move 'em out - Yahoo

Not much left of this tire. You can tell there wasn't much...

Love a town with a sense of humor.

Pulled out of Rawlins and traveled on two lane road north toward Kaycee. Beautiful rolling country. At one point - just south of Casper - we drove for about 10 miles with the Pathfinder Ranch on our right and the Murray Ranch on our left. At times we would see herds of mama cows with their babies and at time herds of the bulls. All were just eating the new spring grass and/or taking a nap in the warm sun. Pathfinder has mixed herds but mostly Herefords, while Murray raises Black Angus.

We stopped at the WalMart in Casper to pick up some $$. We also needed bread, OJ, and a few other things. Not the RV friendliest. Steep driveway to get into and signs all over about not being able to park RVs. People inside are very friendly and nice and said signs were up because of KOA campground not wanting RVs to park overnight at WalMart. Took a picture of the snow that had piled up there.

Wyoming has a great system of closing roads. There are signs that light up and gates that close if the road is dangerous. They also post those closings on the web site. I keep thinking of the terrible traffic jams in IL last winter with people stranded out on I-80 because of the snow. If they would have had WY's system in place they could have closed the road and no one would have been stranded.

Kaycee is a small little town with a very short main street. It has a lot of history because of the Hole in the Wall Gang and a lot of range wars. We pulled into the campground (only 14 sites) and found a site. As we started to back into it - I looked at our tires. One was missing!!! We were down to the rim on the back tire on the road side. Somewhere along I-25 from Casper we left a road alligator.

We called our Road Service and they couldn't find anyone to come fix the tire for almost 100 miles. It just so happened that there was Tom's Tire across the road from the campground. We walked over there and they had it all fixed in about an hour. We then finished up making camp and got both sat. dishes set up.

Met the owner of the campground when she came over to empty the registration box. (It was a "drop your money in the box" registration.) I told her that we were collecting door prizes for the Goshen Escapade and she was very excited about it. I told her I would make up the certificates for her when she seemed a little unsure on how to do it.

We had the best night's sleep the first night that we had had in a long time. This in spite of the FFA having their annual banquet across the street and seeing how much they could rev the engines and squeal the tires out of the parking lot. After that it was a very peaceful night.

Wednesday morning I worked on the Gift Certificates and then we went exploring the town. Not much town. The visitor's center and the museum are closed until Memorial Day so we couldn't get any information there. We drove out to the other campground (owned by same people as the one we were staying at) to get approval of Certificates. The had at least 5 kids under 4 running around. I finally got up the nerve to ask - they were foster parents and had had over 30 kids. Their own 3 kids are in their late 20's and so they decided to take on others. Some were being thrown into the system so they have adopted four of them. Amazing!!

Had lunch and dinner in a very nice little cafe in town. It is the only place with no smoking in town. The other two places that sell food are bars and, according to a towns person, you can cut the smoke with a knife.

Getting ready this morning to visit the Cam-plex in Gillette. We will be meeting with people from the Cam-plex and from the Chamber of Commerce to get lists of businesses.

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