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Saturday was the start of our adventure. More on how much of an adventure it was later.

Matt got home from is last final at 3:30 am. He got sleepy while driving home and stopped in a rest area for a nap.

Saturday morning we went to pick up the TRUCK and Uhaul in Lewis Center and the adventure begins. It Stated raining while we were doing the paper work. Just what we needed is to be loading all the furniture in the rain. The truck was a 32 foot 3 ton GMC. Driving this beast was an experience. The Steering wheel was over 2 feet in diameter. It took at least 2 complete revolutions to make a turn, thank god for power steering. The truck ran great with good brakes. The cab was really noisy with wind noise , squeeks, and rattles. I haven't had a ride like that since riding a tractor over freshly plowed ground.

Good news, rain stopped when we got the truck home. Everyone pitched in to load the truck. We finished loading at noon. Then it was on to Purdue to get the rest of Matt's stuff. Really want to thank Mike for coming home to help with the loading, wish here was going to be there for the unloading!

Arrived at Purdue 4:30 PM and loaded the stuff. Boy is it a good thing we had this big truck, it is packed completely full. An uneventful drive had us spend the night at a Day's Inn in Bloomington, IL. Sure was nice to get a good night rest. We had a big first day and my back and ribs were feeling it.

Sunday was over cast for driving on to Evansdale, IA. Evansdale is a suburb of Waterloo, IA. You guested it, when we turned north from Iowa city it started to sprinkle. The closer we got the heaver it rained. By the time we arrived it was a full rain with a little thunder. We started unloading in the rain. I was only allowed to be the door man. Matt dashed from the truck to the door. Sue, took the stuff from he rest of the way into the apartment.. A couple of hours later we had all except the large furniture unloaded. Lucky that Gary the man which lives above Matt got home from work and was great help.

Disaster strikes while Sue and Matt are moving his large screen TV. Matt had it on the two wheeled truck. When he got the edge of the bed and the ramp. Sue thought she would help ease the truch over the edge but in stead got her finger mashed. She now has a black and blue finger and likely will loose the nail on that finger. It is better now but we were worried.

If you are keeping score you realize we will be starting the actual trip with both Sue and I being wounded. Everyday we are getting better and should not be a problem.

We spent Monday and Tuesday unpacking. Installed shelving in the garage and a garage door opener. We rewired the cable and phone outlets in the apartment for Matt's LAN. No more problems, everyone is tired and ready for a restful drive back to Columbus. Wednesday has brought a sunny day for the drive.

Arrived back in Columbus at 7:00 pm. This has been a 1400 mile round trip. I think all of us are a bit tired.

Matt has mowed the front yard and started the back. Sue, Mike and I are preparing the truck and trailer for the trip back to Purdue for Graduation Friday.

In the mail we got some more excitement. We have a recall on the refrigerator in the trailer. It seems there is a possibility of it catching fire. Guess we will have to try to get this repaired while on the trip.

Plans have shifted a bit, we are now going back to Matt apartment next week instead of Rocky Mountain. We plan on entertaining our selves in the area with Matt. This will avoid another 2 days in the car.

It is sure good to be on flexible schedule. We have been so busy so far that the cameras did not even make it out. I assure you this will not continue to be the case.

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