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The Madison Hotel is luxurious and only 200m from the station in Milan. I must admit, I have lost track of where I am periodically. It is four star and we are having a sabbatical before Rome and the Insight Tour.

We had a bad night here, in spite of the exclusive room. There was a nightclub on the premises, and it was open until four am. The patrons made their noisy farewells outside our room, waking us. This was one of the problems with last minute bookings-there is always a reason the rooms have not been booked at full price.

However, before retiring, we walked to a lovely restaurant and dined once again like royalty. I ordered lobster, thinking it would be served in a sauce, but still managed the whole exoskeletal meal without a problem. Served on a bed of mashed potato it was a delectable meal. We window-shopped on the way down the street, and Tashie bought a silver bag and I bought the softest "pashmina," from the capital of style.

The next morning we shared the included breakfast and made our way to the Station for the train to Rome. We had a stopver at Brig, and checked out the departure point for the train to the Matterhorn.

It leaves from the entrance to the Brig station-filed the information away for another time.

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