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Yesterday was another day of good weather. This was in spite of the forecast for more rain and thunderstorms. When you spend most of the day in a cave, you don't care much what is going on outside. :)

I managed to go on one tour of Mark Twain cave and one tour of Cameron cave. Then Don, another newbie, and I went through the Cameron cave with an experienced guide. We now can find our way through the maze without help. :) The Cameron cave is the most complex cave in the northern hemisphere and navigating with only lanterns for light is the difficult part of learning that cave.

I had a quick lunch of left-over beef stew, with Marilyn and then it was back to work. Ugh! Did I actually say that word? I can hardly believe that we are actually going to be working again. I am enjoying learning something new but I am also sure that we will consider long and hard, whether we want to work camp again. It is the "obligation" that bothers us. The freedom is gone when we have to go to work each day.

I promise to write an article on work camping when I get my thoughts in order. I have only done this for two days and Marilyn hasn't started yet. She will be working two or three days a week.

A couple who is working here, named Bud & Nancy, spent the winter only 13 miles away from us in the Rio Grande valley. They were in Alamo while we were in Mercedes, TX. It is indeed a small world! :)

The wi-fi at the campground is nearly up and running. I managed to get a brief signal and read Howard's web site , but that was all I could do. We are back at McDonalds this morning. :)

Marilyn has been having a wonderful time with the birds here. We have lots of hummingbirds, yellow finches, and we have several bluebirds, which we think are the mountain bluebirds, even though we are slightly out of their normal range. They are an awesome bird, beautiful bright blue except for a bit of gray on the wings and on the breast. We need an expert! :)

I will post some pictures when we get some clear ones. Marilyn took pictures but they are blurred.

Well, it is time to get going with some other things. Have to get back and get ready for work. What have we done!

Hope all of you have a wonderful day. I can't wait to see what this day has in store. Probably just darkness in a 56 degree cave. Ha!

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