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Kids lined up for a tour

Campground store

Creek running through the campground

Theater for live performances

View of campground

Family of campers


Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day. No Rain! :)

It was my first day at work, learning to be a cave guide. One of the first things I did was a walk through of the Mark Twain cave, with Jeff, checking all of the lights, etc. Then I accompanied Chris on a tour of Mark Twain Cave. He is a fine young man who is an excellent guide. He has been in the cave many times as a young boy and has worked as a guide for most of his adult life.

Next, we toured the Cameron Cave. This is Missouri's newest "show cave". There is no electricity in that cave so every 4th person carries a lantern. Each tour takes a little more than one hour.

After lunch, two of us newbies accompanied Christy on a private tour of the Cameron cave where she had time to show us some of the landmarks used to navigate. Between her and Chris we should be up to speed very soon.

Marilyn has decided that she will work two or three days per week. She will work in the gift shop or candle shop, etc. We want to be off at the same time. :)

Marilyn wandered around taking a few pictures yesterday, so I will post some of them. They are basically views of the campground. Hope you enjoy them. If you are in the area during the summer, be sure to say hello.

Our daughter, Jennifer, came by and spent some time yesterday. It sure is nice to see her as often as possible. She is a sweet person, an excellent nurse, and we are very proud of her.

Marilyn and I are having our morning coffee at McDonalds so that we can get the journal entry written. They have promised wi-fi this week at the campground. We'll see!

It is back to work this morning. I'm not sure I like the sound of that, but we would be here even if we were not working and this saves us a lot of money.

Well, I had better get your pictures posted. Can't wait to see what the day will bring...

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