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We finally made it after a quick flight from KL to our long awaited destination of Bali, home of world class surf waves, white sand beaches and the cheapest prices in all of Asia...and we weren't disappointed! We got into Kuta around 10 at night, and as usual, we were super tired after travelling, so we settled on the first cheap hotel we could find...big mistake!!

The place looked like no one had slept in it in around 10 years, was covered in dust, and it stunk like moth had a bath tub, but oddly enough no sink...around 2am we discovered that we weren't alone. Oh no, the place had a severe infestation of bed bugs and they were attacking us. Especially me. We've discovered on this trip that no matter what country we're in, bugs love to eat me and make me suffer...and these ones were the worst. For everyone who though the good night saying "Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite" was just a nice little tuck me in saying, you're wrong. They bite, and they drink your blood like minature vampires...when I woke Matt up and told him, we switched the lights on to find tons of bed bugs covering our pillows and sheets...good times...

Needless to say, we escaped from that hell hole, and found a great, clean place at Ronta Bungalow, and we've been there for the last 6 nights...what do we do everyday? Surf, surf and more surfing until our arms feel broken and we have to get out. It's seriously so much fun, and the waves have been incredible. I bought a surfboard the other day and have been riding it ever since...we both are riding shortys, so it's been a challenge, but Matt is already looking like a pro...

Bali is so beautiful, with Kuta beach stretching for miles and miles of white sand, palm trees and super friendly locals. We can't believe how cheap every thing is...for example, for our hotel with breakfast, its 6$ a night...3 dollars each! Food is dirt cheap too, with meals with beers costing no more than 2 or 3 bucks! Its a good thing to, because all that surfing is making us starving!

Tonight we're meeting up with my brother, Mike who is flying in from New Zealand, and then the day after tomorrow, Matt and I are heading to the Gili islands, which are supposed to be amazing for snorkelling and diving...after that, its off to Kuta Lombok for more surfing and to meet up with Mike and Kyle Poje...

Indonesia so far has definetly been a highlight of the trip...Matt is heading home June 3, and I am unsure when I am leaving after that, so we are making the most of our last month of paradise!!

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