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We have just about recovered from our epic climb yesterday. Our main competitors yesterday on the way up were a couple of German blokes, we estimated one must have been in his seventies. We were determined that we weren't going to be beaten by these and let them get the towels down at the top first, it didn't bode well though when Helen was overtaken by a 6 year old girl on the way to school in her flip flops. True Yorkshire grit came through in the end though and we took them on the last bend to be the first home. Even more incredible considering Helen picked up an ankle injury very early on, she was making a meal out of it though until a group passed us coming the opposite way all with artificial limbs. I was suffering with several bumps to the head as well as our first tea-house was built Nepalese style, who are very much like the chinese and vertically challenged, and have very small doors which I walked into several times. It did have an outside toilet (which reminded us of our yorkshire days) with a little window so you could enjoy the mountains views whilst going about your business. Today was supposed to be a day of rest and acclimatisation but we chose to do a short and easy terk, or so we thought. We started climbing again shortly out of the Hotel, we had only travelled about 20 steps and Helen and I was struggling, it did get easier though and we climbed another 400 metres to the Everest viewing point, only for it to be clouded over again. It will just be my luck I will come all this way and not see the bloody mountain. The Tea House is very good here is very good nice and clean, terrific veiws and some very nice meals. This will probably be it for a while now until we come back down this way from EBC, keep your fingers crossed we make it.

Gary and Helen (Intrepid Yorkshire Explorers)

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