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Bald Eagle

Bongo and Black & White Colobus Monkey


Lesser Flamingos

Giant Anteater

This morning I visited the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. It is not very large but is quite nice. I saw one animal that I had never seen before, a giant anteater. He was a shaggy beast with very long claws. I was unable to get a clear photo of him because he was in constant motion. Even though the photo is blurry, I've included it so you can get an idea of what the critter looks like. I would not want to meet up with one in the wild!

Caldwell Zoo's bald eagles have been injured and cannot be released into the wild. It's such a shame. Bald eagles have been the USA's National Bird since 1782

For the first time since acquiring Sweet Pea, I filled the tank. If my calculations are correct, she is getting about 46 miles per gallon. That's a little better than I had expected. I can cope very well with those kinds of surprises!

The temperature was not excessively hot this morning, but the humidity drained nearly all my energy; so I was ready to head back home to my air conditioner by the time I had finished my tour of the zoo. After a quick lunch I did my laundry chores and then settled inside for the rest of the day to stay cool.

For the next few days I'll be staying in Corps of Engineers' parks as I make my way toward Mountain View, Arkansas for the Lazy Daze owners' rally. After that I'll have a lot of catching-up to do when I have Internet access once more.

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