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Can't talk long we are on the most expensive internet in the world. We are in a village in the Himalayas at 3650 metres mind so it is astonishing we can get it at all. We flew up to Lukla yesterday, what a flight. When we were flying through the mountains I couldn't see where the hell we were going to land, as we were coming in I could see the airfiled through the cockpit window. It was the shortest airstrip in the world on a mountain slope, there wasn't much room for getting it wrong. Our guide selected a porter to carry our backpacks, but think he picked the smallest in the world. I tried lifting hhis basket and nearly broke my neck. We walked our 1st leg whcih was only about 4 miles but took us 3 hrs. The scenery was simply out of this world, green fields, snow capped mountains, yaks on the trail, Nepalese kids trekking to scholl in uniform, sherpas carrying amazing amounts of weights. We arrived early so we went for a walk down to the river and chill out but as usual I took my exploring too far and fell in the river, much to our guides concern and Helens amusement. I then spent the rest of the day trying to get my clothes dry. Today we did a 10km trek but the hardest climb of my life, we literally spent and hour and half climbing over a 1km on really steep terrain to where we are now, but the village where we are staying is breathtaking. We have a day off tomorrow to aclimatise, need it, as Helen as hurt her ankle, hopefully with a bit of ice she will be ok.

ttfn Gary and Helen

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