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It is hard to say what a typical American family is, but we fit the bill when it comes to diversity. When I was born my mother had only been in the US a year and I learned to speak German before I joined her in learning to speak English. My brother-in-law is from Iran and my sister has learned how to cook in a way that pleases his palate. To secure the ingredients required for Persian breakfast, she had to drive to Charlotte to multiple grocery stores. The components included a sort of flat bread, feta cheese, cucumbers, grapes, apples, cilantro, mint, walnuts, basil, and halva. One of our nieces has brought a new boy friend to join our group. He is from India and seemed to enjoy the Persian breakfast even though he, like we, had never eaten anything quite like it before.

She had met him at salsa dancing; my impression is that this style of dancing is part of the hispanic culture. She is a talented salsa dancer and offered to give us a lesson since she is also an experienced teacher. While some of us were more apt than others, we were probably one of the most challenging groups she has ever taught. As has been the case with previous dance lessons we have taken, Ken and I laughed much more than we danced. Dancing is supposed to be fun and I guess in our own way, it is.

There are some in our country that talk about erecting walls and keeping people out, but from my vantage point we are all the richer for the varying ideas and traditions all the foreigners and our foreign forbears have brought to this country. Certainly our family has had its horizons broadened and our holidays and dinner table lifted far out of the ordinary by all the interesting people that have joined together.

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