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The Canadian Flag

Map of Canada

The Canadian Dollar

Long time since seeing one of these!

How many bottles?

World's best smoked meat by far

followed by the world's best bagels

189 deLepee - much the same as in the 70's

St Joseph's Oratory

from a little further away

Olymic stadium from Mt. Royal

The house on Trenton where Dad grew up

love those rubber wheels!

pizza of my childhood

my first grade school - Academie Querbes

Kristine with Stephane and Steve

with Steve in Lachine

wit Stephane and Alex

more Lachine

Oh no! the tunnel!

Artistic shot...

Church in Lachine


So, who is Sam? Remember in the last Lord of the Rings movie, "The Return of the King", where Frodo had finished writing the story of the ring, and was ready to pass on to the next life, he left the last pages to his best friend Sam, because he couldn't have done it without him. I guess I'm Ted's Sam...or he's mine.

Ted told me quite a while ago that he was planning a surprise for me for the end of our trip, a present that would show me how much he loves me and demonstrate how much he appreciates me and has learned from me, and how he's grown and changed from having shared such an amazing experience with such an amazing person...a symbol of how important it was to that we shared such a wonderful, special and amazing trip of a lifetime. Blah, blah, blah.

So, I'm thinking bling, big bling, with all that moochy getting me out of a fight hype and promises of gifts! Well, turns out I'm okay for bling, and my gift is "sharing". He left a special entry in his beloved blog for me. I'm honoured. I had asked if I could do some at the beginning, and he was pretty protective of it; saying that his blog was a "blue job" and that postcards are a "pink job".

So, we had an unbelievable amazing almost indescribable trip, it was amazing. I loved it; of course I did, who wouldn't. It was fabulous. I loved touring around all day, every day, and not going to work for a year and a half. We had to get up early every day and follow Ted's drill sergeant schedule of organization and efficiency, but we were eating ice cream and looking at cool stuff, and it was probably noon somewhere in the world so we were sleeping in a lot...somewhere.

I thought we would change from the experience, but I'm still silly and nice, and Ted is still punctual and cost effective, but we realized that we make a pretty great team.

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