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Yes, I've reached the "edge of the world"...and its raining.

Ushuaia's claim to fame is that its the southernmost city in the world, but southward across the Beagle Channel is Puerto Williams, which apparently has a bad PR department because they're getting dissed out of their rightly claim. No matter, I'm close enough. Thinking that a good thing to do, aside from throwing darts in an Irish pub (I won), would be to take advantage of this day to upload photos, but alas, no technological luck forthcoming. So, instead I thought I'd plot a map point. I really have nothing more to add, so I apolgize if you've read this far, waiting with baited breath to hear about the latest adventure, but I got nothing. Sorry. Ushuaia seems to be a quaint enough town, apparently backed by jagged peaks (hidden behind the clouds I presume) and is the jumping off point for Antarctic expeditions, but otherwise its charm is lost in a Seattle-esque drizzle. My feet are soaked, my finger tips numb, my nose sniffling and I'm kinda longing for the days of the Brazilian beaches with bronzed buns bounding by, sand beneath my feet, cold cerveza in hand and the hot sun beating down. Oh well, at least I can sorta say I've been to the southern most city in the world, and that's not so bad.

Hmmmm...what else? So, a priest, a rabbi and a donkey walk into a bar...oh, nevermind.

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