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We stayed in a motel on Wednesday night. Nice place to stay but not nearly as nice as our RV. The next morning we were delighted to discover that, because we had left our RV at Liberty RV for some work, they informed us that we would be finished at noon on Thursday. That meant that we could go on to Hannibal on Thursday. Rain was in the forecast for several more days so we would have to travel in the rain no matter what we did.

We had an e-mail from one of our readers, asking to meet with us in Liberty. Marianne and Gene were staying in Kearney, only a few miles north of us. They drove down to Liberty RV and we had a nice visit. They are very nice people and a delight to be with. I regret that we didn't get a picture of them for the web site.

Marilyn and I finally were hooked up and left Liberty at 1:05 PM. We drove in rain all the way to Hannibal, but the rain stopped as we pulled in to the Mark Twain Cave Campground, and stayed away long enough for us to get all set up. We had driven a total of 1217 miles from San Antonio and the mileage was an even 10.0 mpg.

One neat thing which happened to us was the phone call we received just as we passed through Chillicothe, MO. Marilyn answered my cell phone and it was one of our good friends from Hannibal. He asked, "Did you just pass through Chillicothe?" We answered in the affirmative and Marilyn asked him if he was behind us. He said, "No, but I just met you. I thought that was you." It was our good friend, Steve, and he promised we would get together to eat catfish soon. :)

We arrived at the campground at 5:00 PM and were all set up by 6:00 PM. It rained during the night and began to rain cats and dogs this morning. This journal is coming to you courtesy of the local McDonalds in Hannibal. We are meeting Jennifer and our son-in-law, Steve, here for breakfast.

One bit of good news is that the campground is installing wi-fi and I should be able to write the journal entries from our RV very soon. That will be just great!

Several of the work-campers came over to welcome us last night. They seem like such a nice group. It promises to be a pleasure to work here this summer.

Well, folks, if it ever stops raining, maybe we can get some pictures taken. I will be writing about work-camping in the near future so, if you are thinking about doing that, I will try to have some info for you.

That completes the entry for today. Can't wait to see our daughter and give her a big old hug. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Sunshine would be nice. :)

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