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Imperial Beach pier

too soft for bike rides

Spring arrived here on a beautiful day, indistinguishable from many other beautiful days. We are only aware of this passage of time as the days get longer and we have to decide whether to head out and get that sunset photo before dinner or after.

We celebrated the day by heading to Imperial Beach, located just over the border from Mexico. A coastal city in southern California cannot hold its head up high if it does not have a fishing pier. These massive wooden edifices are peppered with fishermen who have not caught a fish (that I have witnessed), and a high priced restaurant on the very end. In my photos, they all look pretty much the same.

My goal was to ride along the sand to the border and see what sort of deterrents to illegal immigration we have erected there. Unfortunately the sand got soft and filled with boulders and we had to turn back before we came to that imaginary line. But we could look up to the hills to our south and see the teeming chaos that is Tijuana. We are sad when we speak with our fellow campers whose sole experience with Mexico is this border town. We are also left wondering why Imperial Beach and the other towns in this area are so much nicer than the border area we saw in El Paso when we began our caravan adventure.

It's also the beginning of spring break here and we were surprised (and somewhat disappointed) to hear that San Diego ranks #9 on the list of prime spring break destinations for college kids. While we did see a few bikinis on Imperial Beach, except for the TV coverage of a drunk girl vomiting in the sand, we would hardly know that this momentous event is occurring here. But perhaps this is an omen that we should think about facing east and starting to head toward home.

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