First Winter Away - 2005 travel blog



Today we headed to a beach state park near our campground because the weather was so nice. A cautious toe in the water made it clear that the winter Pacific is not warm enough, even for this enthusiastic swimmer, so we stuck to our bikes, riding on the firm sand. In the distance it looked like we were approaching a hot air balloon rally. As we got closer we understood that the men were inflating wind sails that they were going to use to go surfing. As more and more of them, nine altogether, headed out into the surf, it looked like we needed a traffic cop to maintain order as they zig zagged across the waves. The braver and more athletic did flips worthy of Cirque Soleil as the gusts lifted them into the air. This truly is an ideal way to surf. You don't have to paddle out to find the perfect wave. You can ride on top of the water even when there are no waves. When you have had enough, you can ride your board back to your starting point and never have to get wet. A wonderful unscheduled show with no admission charged.

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