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It has rained here in the northern Baja. If we could understand the radio, we might know how much it rained. But judging from the end result, it would appear that folks around here haven't seen this much water in years. Highway 1, the only highway there is around here, is a two lane road. When it goes through towns, there is room for a six lane highway because the buildings and homes are set so far back. Since only the actual road is paved, people use these dirt shoulders for parking and to get themselves up to speed before they dart back onto the road. Today these parking/driving areas that used to be dusty lanes have turned into the Great Lakes.

We are truly glad that we missed the actual rainfall when it first occurred, because the after effects are devastating. Since it is expensive to build bridges, the Mexican approach is to make dips in the road that the water can easily flow over. It doesn't take much water to wash away the road altogether, but apparently most of the time there isn't much water here and this works fine. This was a day that we were glad we were in a caravan and could see if the rig ahead of us made it through the road rivers before it was our turn.

As our wagon master drove down the final dirt road to our campground, he made jokes about disappearing all together in the deep water filled holes. He said that we would be able to locate him by his rooftop air conditioner, because this would be the only thing visable when he hit bottom. We were also worried about sinking into mud. Twenty two rigs driving through mud can make mighty deep crevasses. But once again this adventure had a happy ending and we enjoyed a spacious campsite that even had a picnic table.

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