We've arrived safely at our Sun Valley house, parked the 5'er in the RV space next to it. We'll be here for about 3 weeks.

For those of you who aren't all that familiar, Sun Valley is a little community 5 miles North of Reno, NV. Rebecca and I have lived here for the almost ten years we've been married.

Our "dance card" is very full of "need to's" while here. First on the card is relandscape the front yard. The grass there has been infested with mushrooms, fairy rings for about 4 years now, it's time to get rid of them and put something in there more xerascape like. After all, we are in a high desert climate. We have something in mind already, so not much thinking just doing it. And thankfully, we've got help, good strong, long hour working help from grandkids. YIPPEE ! ! !

Second on the card is a myriad of Dr's appts, Tri-care, ID cards, Soc Security, Dentist appt, truck fixin, lawn mower&generator oil change, truck oil change, social stuff, house fixin stuff, etc, etc, etc.... Who knows what else will crop up in the mean time.

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