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The Grand Teton Mountains

Young moose we saw under a bridge

Willows in foreground and aspen trees in background

We saw this big guy next to the road

Rainbow at our RV Park in Victor Idaho

Double rainbow at the RV Park

Third rainbow picture

Street in the Jackson Lake RV park

Sign we later took to heart

Jackson Lake .... still frozen in April

Bison herd

Elk herd

The Tetons were always in sight

Snow, mountains and animals kept us awed for several days in the Tetons. We were camping in Victor, Idaho and drove over the 8,431 feet Teton Pass to Jackson, Wyoming. Jackson Hole is a very popular ski resort in the winter but the season was pretty much over when we were there. Some snow was still high in the mountains and we saw light snow several times but not enough to open the resorts or bring "the beautiful people." Well, except for us, of course. The natives say that the billionaires are running out the millionaires.

We learned of a grizzly bear with 3 cubs that had been spotted near the road recently so we started looking for them. About the third day in the park, we saw several cars pulled over to the side of the road and the people were standing around all looking the same direction with binoculars. We did likewise and saw the bears a good distance from the road but clear enough to see them. The Ranger said it was unusual for a grizzly to have three cubs and very unusual for them to survive their 2nd winter.

Of course, all the mountain range is beautiful. There is an rv campground inside the park that's not open yet but we walked around in it and loved the way the frozen lake and mountains looked almost other worldly. Elk (without their antlers) and bison were very plentiful and so gorgeous. It happened that we watched a Nat'l. Geographic special on National Parks one night when we were there and they rated Teton as the #1 park to see animals.

A special treat came the last night we were in Victor. We had driven back from the park through rain mixed with snow and just about the time we got over Teton Pass, a rainbow came out that made a huge arch in the sky. The colors were the most vivid colors either of us had ever seen. It was pretty cool see the pictures!

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